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CANCELLED: Worship in the building


Until we are given the all-clear to gather for worship, we will make services available on-line through this website and our social media sites. 


What to Expect in Worship (Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m.)

Each Sunday, we gather together as sisters and brothers in Christ to worship the God revealed to us through the pages of Scripture - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Everyone is welcome to worship with us. There's no particular dress code: you'll see some of us in jeans and others dressed to the nines.  


Your visit for worship at Second begins from the time you park your car. We've got lots of parking spaces in our paved lot which surrounds the church on two sides, as well as abundant street parking on the other two sides along Eighth St (now closed) and Waller St.

We have several handicap parking places in the back of the parking lot near the handicap accessible ramp entrance to the building (facing the PHS track). The sanctuary is located across from this entrance, just to the left. You are welcome to use the coat rack located there. 

2. DOORS  

Along with your choice of parking spots, you also have your choice of doors to enter the building. 

The doors facing Waller Street will lead directly into the rear of the sanctuary but the it can also be reached using the office entrance (facing 9th Street) or the 8th Street entrance (faces the old PHS gym). Follow the signs to find the sanctuary. 



It shouldn't take you too long to find our sanctuary, where we hold worship on Sunday mornings. A greeter is glad to hand you a bulletin which will guide you through the service and share information about what's going on at Second Pres in the upcoming weeks. 

Occasionally we will worship in the chapel. On those days, simply follow the additional signs. 


We are unabashed lovers of music and tend to attract fellow-music lovers in our pews (AND in the choir loft)!  We love choir AND our custom-built Kilgen Organ, constructed specifically to fit our worship space. Singing is one of our favorite ways to praise our Creator! 

We're constantly look forward to seeing what sort of music our Organist/Choirmaster, Dr. Stan Workman, has in store for us each Sunday during the school year. And in the summer months, the ministry music is led by Dr. Workman who accompanies soloists, usually from the congregation.


Pastor Allison delights in doing something creative or unexpected in her sermon (and sometimes in other parts of the service too). Though the order of the service remains constant from week to week, we're always anticipating what might happen this Sunday. (More than one of us has been known to say we don't like missing worship because we hate to miss what happens!) 

(And when Pastor Allison & Stan put their heads TOGETHER on something in worship, LOOK OUT!) 


Directly following worship, you are invited to join us around the table as we fellowship over snacks and coffee/tea in our parlor, located just across the hall from the sanctuary entrance to the left of the pulpit. 


Since you've filled up on snacks, you might as well stick around for our multi-generational Sunday School class that often doubles as a "sermon post-mortem" time. This is the place where we reflect on how to LIVE the words we just heard in Scripture and the sermon. 

It's always a time of lively discussion. (And no, we don't always agree on everything. We practice the art of agreeing to disagree.)


Chancel Choir 

From September-May, the Second Pres Chancel Choir ministers through music in the Sunday morning worship service (9:30 am). They rehearse on Wednesdays at 7:00 pm in the choir room. 

In the summer months, soloists from the chancel choir as well as from neighboring churches minster through music while the choir enjoys the summer "off" from worship leadership. 

Organ music has been an integral part of services as long as there has been a church.  The Second Presbyterian Church organ is a custom-built St. Louis, Missouri, Kilgen Organ of 2555 pipes, specifically constructed to fit the acoustical and architectural properties of our church.

The three manuals connect with Great, Swell, and Choir organs in the two organ chambers located to the left and right of the choir loft.  These chambers measure 15 by 15 feet and are 16 feet high.  The largest pipe in the organ is 10 feet high and 20 inches across.  The tiniest and highest pitched pipe measures three-eighths of an inch in length and one-fourth inch in diameter.

Other features of the organ include a harp of 49 bars, 25 chimes and a Vox humana.  Orchestral instruments within the organ include an oboe, a clarinet, a trumpet and a trombone. 

A view of the sanctuary entrances facing Waller Street

A view of the sanctuary entrances facing Waller Street