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God's Pantry during the COVID-19 Crisis


During the uncertainty of the current COVID-19 pandemic, God's Pantry will remain OPEN distributing bags of pre-packed food on Wednesdays on the 8th St porch from 10am-2pm. Emergency food is still available through the church office (740-353-4159). 

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God's Pantry


In October 1981, the Board of Deacons opened God’s Pantry in the church to serve the community by providing food for those in need.  It is funded completely by grants, donations by individuals, community donations, and support from Second Pres. It's staffed by volunteers and is the largest pantry in Scioto County.

God's Pantry is located in the basement of Second Presbyterian Church and is stocked with non-perishable food items, including long-life milk products. Occasionally we are blessed with donations of fresh fruit and vegetables for our families. We also have frozen meats and cheese available.

We're open on Wednesdays from 10AM until 2PM to qualified Scioto County residents. To receive food, you must bring a picture ID, proof of Scioto County residency (i.e. a utility bill), and social security numbers for everyone in the household. 


Could you spare a couple of hours every month to help us feed our community?? Volunteers are always welcome! Call (740-353-4159) or email ( to let us know!

We have been an authorized site for both Portsmouth High School National Honor Society community service hours as well as hours through Shawnee State University. 

God's Pantry is open Wednesdays from 10am-2pm (except the first Wednesday), and we could REALLY use help then ... but there's plenty of other things that can be done at other times. We're glad to accommodate YOUR schedule!

Contact the church office if you'd like to volunteer: 740-353-4159 or 

 Anyone wishing to send a monetary donation can send a check (made out to God's Pantry) and mail it to: 
​   God's Pantry 
   c/o Second Presbyterian Church
   801 Waller St
   Portsmouth OH 45662 

**On non-pantry days, we are also able to provide a box of emergency food during office hours. Please contact the church office for more information or to arrange to pick up a box: 740-353-4159. 

We are grateful for the donations to God's Pantry from the 2019 USPS Stamp Out Hunger program

We are grateful for the donations to God's Pantry from the 2019 USPS Stamp Out Hunger program

second presbyterian church choral scholars program

Choral Scholars Program

The Inspiration
Second Pres member and Choral Scholar Program creator John Huston recalls the importance of the gift of music and how it kept him close to the church in his young adult days: 

"As a college student, I was fortunate to find employment as a church musician. These opportunities provided not only a financial benefit but also presented different musical experiences and training for me, extending well beyond what one receives in a classroom. More importantly, these opportunities kept me close to the church, attending rehearsals and services and in the fellowship and care of church members." 

A love of and appreciation for excellent music is in the DNA of Second Pres. We recognize that we already have a proverbial foot in the door at Shawnee through church members who are also faculty members at the university, particularly in the Musical Theater department.

One of the results of our New Beginnings study in 2014 was a desire to find ways to reach out to our Shawnee State University community, particularly students. 

We already benefit from the gifts of current SSU students in our choir. This is our opportunity to offer them spiritual enrichment through fellowship and nurture as a part of our church.

The Program 

The purpose of the Second Presbyterian Church Choral Scholars Program is to mentor spiritually and to support financially a select group of Shawnee State University Bachelor of Fine Arts Musical Theater students in order to help spread God’s Word through music and fellowship.

A first-year choral scholar will be awarded a $400 scholarship at the end of the Fall and Spring semesters so long as the student meets the academic and participation requirements. An additional $25/semester will be added for each year the student continues to participate in the program.  Recipients are expected to remain in good academic standing and be active participants in the life of Second Pres, including the chancel choir. 

The Funding

The church needs to collect approximately $2200 per semester ($4400 per academic year) in order for this program to continue. (We anticipate sponsoring 6 students in the 2019-2020 school year.)  About 1/4 of this cost is included in the church's mission budget; the rest is received through individual donations.

We are deeply grateful to Pastor Allison for sponsoring a 40th birthday Facebook fundraiser where she raised $2000 in three days for this program! 

Donations to the Choral Scholars Program can be made through an on-line gift or by check: 

  Second Presbyterian Church 

  Choral Scholars Fund

  801 Waller St 

  Portsmouth OH 45662 

Contact John Huston ( or the Second Pres office ( with questions or for an application for the Choral Scholars Program. 

Our Choral Scholars performing in Steven Sondheim's "Company" (SSU's Vern Riffe Center, Spring 2019)

Our Choral Scholars performing in Steven Sondheim's "Company" (SSU's Vern Riffe Center, Spring 2019)