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People making perfectly imperfect music together

Singing is good for you. 

Good for your physical health and your emotional health. And singing helps you feel connected to the people with whom you're singing. 

We want to sing together, to make perfectly imperfect music together. Not for a concert. Not for a performance. For fun. We want to sing for fun. 

And we want you to join us ...

  • even if you can't read music 
  • even if you have never sung with a group before
  • even if your choir teacher in school asked you to just move your lips
  • even if you just want to listen

This is your official invitation to join us as we launch 

A JOYFUL NOISE PTOWN on Thurs, Sept 5 from 6:30-7:30pm at 801 Waller Street 



What will A JOYFUL NOISE PTOWN gathering look like? 

0:00 – 0:05 Welcome, announcements, guidelines 

0:05 – 0:10 Mindfulness/focusing (guided) 

0:10 – 0:30 Singing 

0:30 – 0:40 Snack time! 

0:40 – 0:50 Singing 

0:50 – 0:55 Mindfulness/relaxation 

0:55 – 1:00 Closing, final announcements, next gathering

When will we meet?  1st & 3rd Thursdays (Sept, Oct, Nov) 

Thurs, Sept 5th & 19th 

Thurs, Oct 3rd & 21st  

Thurs, Nov 7th & 21st  

Thurs, Dec 5th -- still working on a plan (Christmas party? Christmas caroling? Definitely Christmas cookies!) 

Since this is a completely new thing we're creating, December will be our time for reflection and evaluation. YOUR thoughts will be invaluable to us. 

Do I have to pay to be a part of this group? 

Nope. It's free. You CAN make a donation toward the snacks if you'd like. 

Do I have to come to every gathering? 

Nope. Just come when you can. We'll always have a chair for you. 

Where will we meet? 

The parlor of Second Presbyterian Church (801 Waller St). 

Who's running this show? 

A couple of Second Pres members and friends from the community who are involved both in the arts as well as the mental health field. 

Is this a "church thing?" 

Well, yes it is sponsored by the church and we do plan to sing a hymn or two along the way, but we're much more interested in creating space where people make a joyful noise together without worrying about how good (or how bad!) we sound. 

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